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Ride Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets For Better Bucking Sadie Allison

Ride Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets For Better Bucking

Sadie Allison

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

How much better can sex feel? Once you begin RIDE EM COWGIRL!, the answer comes quickly, powerfully, passionately. This new generation sex position guide from America s Pleasure Coach Dr. Sadie Allison actually gives you less! Instead of page after page of impossible pretzel poses, Dr. Sadie illustrates hundreds of ways to tweak sex positions you *already* love to fit YOU. While enjoying Dr. Sadie s method, you ll see why minor adjustments not major overhauls are all most lovers ever need to skyrocket erotic passions. Comfortably! Here s why: Dr. Sadie guides you and your lover to custom-fit your own unique body shapes together for more arousing penetration including fine tuning your penis/vagina embrace for your deepest sexual pleasures ever. When you find the angle and the fit that s perfect for the two of you, you ll feel yourselves respond with an exciting new energy and harmony that builds to your longest, strongest orgasms ever. It s amazing no guidebook has ever fully explained how to customize body positioning to raise the heat of sexual intercourse till now. But raising the heat takes more than just changing your body mechanics. Throughout RIDE EM COWGIRL!, Dr. Sadie introduces fun new ways for each of you to open up to the other, both verbally and sensually. Her easy, zesty, often naughty suggestions will spark the most intimate whispers, moans and touches before, during and after sex, ultimately revealing your lover s hidden sexual desires (and some exciting new cravings, too). Imagine the upturn sex will take when your lover does EXACTLY what you love, at the very moment you love it. This is why Dr. Sadie encourages couples to read this book together in bed! - FULLY ILLUSTRATED TO GUIDE YOU. Over 100 tasteful point-n-play illustrations by Steve Lee will help you visualize every exciting new move to try together - EASY AND FUN TO EXPLORE TOGETHER. You ll feel inspired by Dr. Sadie s conversational style and hands-on encouragement on every page - FILLED WITH SECRET TOUCHES. You ll uncover all the strokes, squeezes and sensations your lover wants (but isn t telling you) - SHE LL START COMING LIKE CRAZY. Many of Dr. Sadie s tips are designed to release the woman s orgasms including the desired but often difficult orgasm during penetration climax - TAKE A SPECIAL PEEK IN THE PANTS TOUR. Dr. Sadie shows how to beef-up fun with any penis type, matching every erection style to its most pleasureful positions. - HERE S WHAT AWAITS YOU INSIDE: 1. Your Passion Cocktail How to shake awake your lovelife 2. Supergasms The secrets to supercharging your orgasms 3. The Art of Penetration Sensual entry secrets just for him 4. The Art of Being Penetrated Sensual entry secrets just for her 5. Missionary Possible New pleasure angles when HE S on top 6. Doggystyle Enjoy new come-from-behind victories 7. Ride em Cowgirl! Exciting moves when SHE S on top 8. Spooning Rediscover the world s most romantic position. 9. Clitilicious How to arouse her orgasm trigger every time 10. The G-spot Finding and stimulating her deep pleasure spot 11. Backdoor Boogaloo Why couples stopped saying no to this old taboo 12. The HE-spot Finding and stimulating HIS hidden pleasure spot 13. Voluptuous Loving Positions designed especially for larger lovers 14. Pregnant Poses Exciting positions for the soon-to-be-mom 15. Outercourse An exciting alternative of good messy fun 16. Location! Location! Location! The joys of bypassing the bedroom 17. Vive La Difference Exciting new ways to fit your lover to you 18. Sexy Playthings Choosing the right sextoys for your longings Appendix: Safety First How to practice safer sex every time Position Index So many positions, so much time!