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Jesus fucking Christ. This was – intense, gorgeous, painful, real.To be honest, I could use the whole slew of adjectives we use in reviews to describe a really good read, but Im just going to say that this one hit a little bit harder, dug a little bit deeper, cut a little bit more sharply.I could also pick the story apart and praise the writing for its sheer beauty, smooth descriptiveness and ability to convey the protagonists feelings so very tangibly, the author for their choice of setting, which includes people and places and jobs and situations and the theatre and sidewalks and fairy gardens and Christmas dinners and New Years parties, the cast – yes, directly them, because I swear to God they exist – for their sharply drawn personalities and colourful ways and meanness and magic- but its kind of useless, isnt it, because its all been said before, by me and by others, about all sorts of books. Instead Ill say that this book is about a lot of things, but if I had to choose two of them – no, I cant pick one – Id say its about love (the good and the bad) and coming to terms with yourself (the good and the bad).I could say that I read all 100,000 words and change in one day, but its not like I havent done that before.I could say that I told my grandma to shut the fuck up for a damn second, Im trying to read – but its not like I havent done that before. (I am a horrible, horrible person.)What could maybe, leave an impression on you, is the fact that I cried – and Ive only cried while reading seven books in my entire life (the last three HP books, TFiOS, Please Ignore Vera Dietz, This Is All and Kaleidoscope – a sterek fanfic couldnt not be in the list – which are essentially books where people die. And nobody even dies here, so theres that).- Ive been a weepy mess lately, and I dont know if its because Im on my period or because Ive been reading powerful and heartbreaking and stupidly beautiful stories, but in a weird way it feels kinda good -And I also laughed, smiled (euphorically and giddily and sweetly and sadly and bitterly) and cursed and just sat there clutching my ereader in a death grip and squinting with a knot in my throat, desperately trying to keep from screaming at the people around me because they didnt get what I was going through with Dolph.So I finished this, and then I wrote this review, and then I went and watched three fucking episodes of Rizzoli & Isles because I couldnt take it and had to escape from it – the weight of all this emotion, the pain and the joy.Next time, Im going to finish it at four in the morning and spend the first hours of pink-grey light when people are barely starting to stir gorging myself on biscuits and milk (which this time I did while reading because I needed physical comfort) and being emo and lonely and depressed, and maybe Im going to get what Dolph got for being emo and lonely and depressed. Okay, now Im just being a bitch.Gwen – “a metric ton of angst” sounds about right. Thank you.